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Based in the Washington, DC area North Star Learning and Development is the exclusive distributor of Sterling Institute Assessments and Programs.  Mr. Rasmussen has over 30 years experience in the Human Resources Development arena. He has lead leadership development initiatives at Northrop Grumman, Georgetown University, NASA, Metals USA, PennDOT, the Port Authority of NYNJ, NAVSEA and others. He has lead Change Management efforts in several large state agencies and designed and lead a team that delivered a suite of Talent/Career Development programs for 5500 employees in Saudi Arabia. He has conducted organizational assessments in many public and private organizations, trained trainers on various management and employee development programs, designed and tailored many programs and messages to suite client needs and coached many senior leaders on ways to improve their style and practices.

North Star Learning and Development provides assurance and trust for the delivery of your strategic employee and organizational development efforts.

Craig Rasmussen and his North Star Learning and Development associates, combine strategic intent with tactical learning and development know-how to help your organization and people perform at their best. North Star Learning and Development develops and delivers targeted, tailored learning and development experiences. They cover: talent management; managing and leading change; developing people and performance management; leading and working in teams; leadership and management development; plus providing assessments and measurement of current management and interpersonal effectiveness.