Developing People

Because as a manager, you have more power than anyone else in developing and keeping people.


Working Across the Organization

Because this program teaches important teamwork skills that helps participants address the complex challenges of influencing without authority, managing ambiguity, and building cooperation across department lines.

Diagnose and Improve Organizational and/or Individual Performance and Practices

  • Management Practices Survey
  • Leadership Practices Survey
  • Associate Practices Survey
  • Social Skills Inventory
  • Leading Change Survey
  • Sales Practices Survey
  • Custom surveys

Support, guidance and follow-up to help leaders achieve professional and organizational goals.


Increasing Job and Career Satisfaction

Because each of us is ultimately responsible for our development and satisfaction.

Facilitation & Design

Targeted Learning and Development workshops

Building a Sales Force
Because growing a business requires motivating and harnessing the unique talents and strengths of a diverse sales force.


Leading Change/Managing Change

Because even the strongest managers cannot push organizations through change.

Keys to Effective Supervision

Because the ability of managers to effectively empower the entire workforce is critical to your organization's success.


Strategic Marketing and Selling
Because competition for key accounts and large amounts of business is not going to be won by the unprepared.

Building Emotional Intelligence

Because of the furious pace of our business climate today, difficult to manage relationships sabotage more performance than anything.  It is not a question of strategy that gets us into trouble; it is a question of emotions.

Tailoring and blending of learning approaches and content to meet strategic needs plus facilitation services and train-the-trainer support.